Welcome to the all new and updated website of Dr. William R. Cook. I am now including my events in a calendar format for your viewing ease. I have also included a gallery section to showcase my adventures. Along with this gallery is a little travel map pin pointing the places I’ve been to.

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Lou Ceorge says:

    I purchased your teaching company course on Cathedrals and I found it incredible! Thank you for sharing with the world your great knowledge and enthusiasm. I hope you do more courses.

  2. Dan Burke says:

    I enjoyed greatly your Teaching Company production of The History of the Catholic Church. The lectures were, if anything, too short. My pastor at Cure of Ars Church in St. Louis has watched the disc #1 and was very impressed. He hopes to show the entire series this summer as a parish activity as a learning activity of the history of the Church which most of us never really had any idea. I am sending you an e-mail about St. Francis of Assisi and a critique of a book written by Julien Green, called God’s Fool, about which I would be most interested in your opinion of that book. Thanks for a great series and I am about to purchased your lectures on St. Francis.